Tail Gas Purifying Equipment

Tail Gas Purifying Equipment

    Cordierite honeycomb ceramics carrier is the main carrier of gasoline, diesel vehicle catalyst, DOC, SCR and other catalysts. Its main function is to provide effective surface and suitable pore structure to maintain the active component of catalyst highly dispersed; enhance the mechanical strength of the catalyst, so that the catalyst has a certain shape and size; to improve the thermal conductivity of the catalyst to meet the heat transfer requirements and reduce the number of active components.

The cordierite honeycomb ceramics manufactured by our company has the following characteristics:
1、Thin hole wall, high specific surface area (hole wall thickness 5mil-7.5mil);
2、Stable water absorption (water absorption:22±2) %
3、good matching with active components of various catalysts
4、lowcoefficient of thermal expansion;(≤1.0X10-6/℃)
5、Good thermal shock and shock resistance (SCR carrier: 550℃ thermal shock 3 times, DOC: 600 ℃ thermal shock 3 times)
6、   Normative dimension, easy to package: [φ4.45in-10.5in(114mm-330mm)]
7、 Good cold starting performance, low temperature ignition, fast heating up, small air lock, high conversion efficiency
technical parameter:



 parameter value

cordierite principal crystalline phase content



honeycomb wall thickness



water absorption



room temperature compression resistance


A:≥10  B:≥20  C:≥0.15

coefficient of thermal expansion



softening temperature